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Greetings, and after,
Here we have the honor to offer you our Arabian Oasis Equipment Trading and Services, Engineering Projects Ltd. Thank you for your interest.
Arabian Oasis was founded in Baghdad in 1973, after seeking the need for the Iraqi market and Arabic for equipment inspection and test engineering Allotlavi and non-destructive, devices and equipment, industrial projects, oil and electric power plants, and since their launch and the company strives to provide and develop all available resources to be the appropriate level and effectiveness of its policy and originality and the inherent expertise, and within a short period was able to get the agencies of the biggest international companies in this area and establish themselves locally and internationally through:

1 - Provide high-quality equipment from specialized international companies covering all customer requirements without exception in respect of equipment for technical inspection. Of the most basic accessories, and even the most complex equipment through a dedicated engineering staff is subject to the training sessions in various areas: This includes equipment and field tests.
2 - Provide the necessary technical consulting, including stand at the needs of clients and providing advice for the selection of adequate equipment.
3 - carry out training on all equipment supplied in Iraq and abroad.
4 - an informative seminars and periodic visits to customers wherever they are and the preparation of technical publications, brochures and educational tariff in both Arabic and English.
5 - constant search for new technologies, and secure access to the parties concerned.
6 - Provide technical and financial offers detailed.
7 - the constant quest to develop the capabilities of the engineering staff through secondment to attend various training courses and specialized international exhibitions.
8 - The presence of a sufficient quantity of devices and equipment within the company's warehouses to be ready for delivery at the direct request of the customer, "X-ray photographic films, industrial, materials, acidification, clarifying the accuracy of IQI, Lead characters, test kits and magnetic atoms sympathetically, Sensors ultrasound examination of different countries and Altrdadt , cables and equipment, ultrasound .... "
9 - Competitive prices studied.

The Company has secured all the market requirements of the equipment and the following articles:
1. All products from General Electric Co. of America.
2. X-Ray Film and industrial materials and equipment acidification Agfa GE.
3. X-ray equipment X-ray SEIFERT ERESCO GE.
4. Radiography equipment and gamma-ray radioactive sources MDS & Cegelec
5. Reptile X-ray tubes MDS & Ipsi.
6. Radiation protection supplies specialized companies of different European
7. All extensions and accessories for X-ray rooms acidification different European companies.
8. All equipment and accessories ultrasound examination UT KRAUTKRAMER GE
9. Test equipment and accessories cyclonic currents ET HOCKING NDT Ltd GE
10. All equipment and accessories examination magnetic atoms MT European companies of different
11. All equipment and accessories fluid examination window PT various European companies.
12. All equipment and accessories visual inspection VT specialized companies and European American
13. Test equipment and ground aspects of the reservoirs SILVERWING The English Company.
14. Test equipment, heat exchangers different companies worldwide.
15. Equipment, metals analysis Oxford Instruments.
16. Detection equipment, pipes and cables buried. GE
17. Equipment analyze the structure of different materials. GE
18. GE equipment for measuring hardness.
19. Detection equipment on the paint. Specialized companies, European and American.
20. Gas detection equipment. Specialized companies of different European.
21. Laboratory equipment is different. Different companies worldwide.
22. Pumps and fans push air at different stings different companies worldwide.
23. Tubes of boilers, heat exchangers international companies specialized Western.
24. Self-control systems, American and British companies.
25. Communications Systems specialized companies western.
26. GE security surveillance equipment.
27. Specialized mechanisms of the secretariat of the capital and airport of Western companies specialized.
28. Fire-fighting equipment and accessories Western companies specialized.

Addition to a number of other subsidiary facilities and to secure the scientific literature and NR World and the various models with the possibility of training and rehabilitation institutes and specialized companies, Arab and international.

And that the company was able to achieve a large part of its ambition to become one of the most specialized companies in the Middle East, this area became known as the Arab companies in many Arab countries.

Arabian Oasis began to work with Iraq in 2000, and fell during the war and then returned evolution of a new foothold until the current time, the company is still working and are continuing to develop appropriate strategies for the development work there, commensurate with their ambitions, the company during this period to ensure the many orders for the following companies:

1 - Northern Oil Company.
2 - SOC.
3 - refineries center.
4 - South Refineries.
5 - Company news certainty.
6 - Fertilizer Company South.
7 – The companies of the Ministry of Electricity.
8 –The companies of the Ministry of Industry.
9 – Privates companies.
10 - The Ministry of Science and Technology.





Zuhair Mahmoud Jawad





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