GE. Company

GE is a world leader in the field of production equipment and NDT( Non Destractive Teating Equip.) which are used in the field of energy, oil and gas industry and joints after possession and join the largest manufacturers of such equipment.


The Arabian Oasis trade equipment and services engineering projects of the first companies that have practiced employment and trade in these devices in Iraq and we have equipped many of the engineering test equipment for all ministries and companies and we are confident these companies to our commitment periods and the quality of processing.

We are also the authorized dealer for General Electric and is currently in Iraq other than oil and gas.










Company is Oxford Anstrmment giant corporations, which holds a pair of high to the world in the production of devices spectral analysis of metals in various brands.

They have also company produces microscopes (piece) three-dimensional, which gives unparalleled accuracy in detecting internal flaws and learn the basic configurations of the model Screened.
We could get a special agency for this company to Iraq after the import and processing of a group of these devices to industrial companies and power stations.




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